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What people say

In a world where we spend so much of our time beholden to our emotions, Give a F*ck, Actually does a brilliant job of helping us learn not to beat ourselves up so much.

JR Richards

Lead Signer - Dishwalla

Emotions allow us to share our Humanity. If we could all do a little less of the perfect projection and just be real about stuff, so much healing is available to everyone who partakes because we all have stuff going on and if we're all pretending we don't, it's very isolating and lonely when you think you're the only one.

Tara Garrison

Health & Fitness Coach

I think these are very important things to recognize and far too much of our society is structured around hiding or suppressing our emotions or running away from them and that's why I endorse your work.

Chris Shelton

MSc Former Scientologist

4.8 star review from readers around the world!

"REA Will Help You Reclaim Yourself By Ending The Pointless Battle With Your Own Emotions..."

From The Desk of Dr. Alex Wills

The Emotionally Woke Man

Boise Idaho

Jan 2023

Mark Manson told me it’s an “art” to not give a Fuck, so I punched him in the gut.

Hi. I’m Dr. Alex Wills, author of Give a F*ck, Actually.

I got sick and tired of not understanding my emotions only to be led more astray by the self-help books and psychobabble out there.

I got angry... and I’m glad I did!

I tried, for years and years... I tried to master my emotions, work through them, fix them, avoid them, neutralize them and to just not give a f*ck. It all worked for a hot minute—until it didn’t.

I became so pissed off that nothing helped. I became filled with hate, anger, sadness, frustration and fear that I would never cure my “negative emotions.”

I am now so incredibly happy that I was so emotionally distraught!

Those painful emotions fueled my passion to rethink our assumptions about emotions and later, to reclaim myself, my masculinity.

What if we simply got the definition wrong?

What if we actually created a problem out of something that was not ever even a problem?

I began thinking about some concepts from some newer (and one ancient) evidence based psychotherapies influenced by Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths. (ya remember? “there is suffering, but it's OK” and all that jazz?)

What if emotions are not the problem?

What if there is no such thing as “negative emotions”?

What if all of our emotions (AKA “F*cks”) are actually, in some way, good?

As I continued to apply these evidenced-based psychotherapies with my patients over the years, “Five Noble Steps” started to arise.

This formed my conceptualization of Radical Emotional Acceptance (REA) with its five steps (or Five Acceptances).

As men in my practice started to give a f*ck, actually, their lives started to change—mine included. Many of their “emotional problems” would vanish when they started to apply the five steps.

Men started to take their lives back. Their relationships got better. Their jobs got better. Their income greatly increased.

Their self-esteem improved...

Their symptoms of depression and anxiety abated.

In short, they were becoming whole again and at peace with their reality... their emotional reality.

All of the typical self-help crap out there had me stuck.

REA set me free.

I was constantly at war with myself believing all kinds of B.S. stories in my head about my emotions—all the stuff I was indoctrinated with growing up.

I should just “be a man and take it!”

I shouldn’t feel bad. I should just let it go.

I shouldn’t be angry. I should be happy.

I shouldn’t feel sad. I shouldn’t be so scared.

I shouldn’t allow hate in my heart. I shouldn’t be jealous.

I was “shoulding” all over myself!

REA was like a nuclear bomb that destroyed all of those toxic thoughts and beliefs! I should have exactly the emotions I am having because I am having them!

If emotions were not a problem, I just solved my biggest problem--our biggest problem!

So what next? If emotions are not a problem, what are they good for?

Yes...That is the question... Becoming curious as to why our painful, scary, sad or otherwise unpleasant f*cks are actually good for us is the pathway towards our own answers...

-Dr.Alex Wills

Reclaim Yourself Now


A Simple 5-STEP Process to R.E.A 

After spending over 15,000 hours with patients, Dr.Wills developed a simple 5-step process for having a healthy relationship with your emotions in real-time.

Such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Jealousy, Shame, Hate, Joy, Love, Happiness


Anxiety or Emotional Discomfort? 

R.E.A Can Help.

It’s about helping you embrace your f*cks and how to learn from them. Instead of pushing your emotions away. You’ll learn to use them as valuable emotional data to live a fuller life. You'll discover the 5 powerful steps With "Give a F*ck, Actually," that hundreds of others are turning to.


Don't wait any longer to start living with radical emotional acceptance.

What are the five steps of Radical Emotional Acceptance you ask?

REA isn't about pretending you don't give a f*ck... With Radical Emotional Acceptance (REA) In this book you will get the chance to learn to acknowledge, accept, Interpret, and act on your emotions, even the painful ones that you've been told to suppress.

  • Step One: Put down your F*ck (emotional) Shield

  • Step Two: Name the F*ck (emotion)

  • Step Three: Listen to the F*ck

  • Step Four: Act (or don’t Act) on the F*ck

  • Step Five: Thank the F*ck

Once you understand the five steps of REA you can finally...

  • Stop fighting against your own feelings and start living in the present moment

  • Learn from your emotions and use them as tools for personal growth

  • Embrace discomfort and uncertainty as opportunities for growth.

  • Cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself and others

  • Live a life that's authentic and true to your values

Order "Give a F*ck, Actually" today and start your journey towards a more fulfilling life.

Don't wait any longer to start living with radical emotional acceptance.

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"Not only did I enjoy and glean so much from this wise book but I was able to interview Dr. Wills and he embodies the qualities I and self-reflection he writes about. Highly recommend it!"

"This book does an amazing job of breaking down tough concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. It helps to know that we shouldn't be fighting against our emotions but listening to what they have to tell us. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and understand why they are experiencing certain feelings. Definitely, a must-read!"

"This book does an amazing job of breaking down tough concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. It helps to know that we shouldn't be fighting against our emotions but listening to what they have to tell us. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and understand why they are experiencing certain feelings. Definitely, a must-read!"

"I really like the way he used characters (patients) in the book, nice to have examples and ways to apply each of the 5 steps of radical emotional acceptance. Would recommend it to anyone, as long as you don't mind a little swearing."

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"Give a F*ck, Actually is an honest, practical, and entertaining guide to feeling, accepting, and learning from your emotions. There are so many self-help tactics out there that just serve to help us avoid our painful emotions as opposed to actually meet, listen, and accept them. Alex Wills has used his experience as a psychiatrist, and as a person committed to working through his own emotional pain, to provide 5 simple pillars to help each of us form a much healthier relationship to our emotions. A highly recommended guide for those looking to live a more emotionally rich and fulfilling life."

-Noah Elkrief, #1 bestselling author of A Guide to the Present Moment

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